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CFD Example 3 - Incinerator Secondary Chamber Revision

The design of the chamber was modified by moving the exhaust to the front of the chamber, forcing the gases to reverse to reach the exit and increasing the effective path. An additional external duct adds extra volume.

CFD IAH Sec for Web mod
TRES and streamlines iso

At left is the modified design, which is simple and robust.






At right is the streamline plot showing the new gas path and much improved utilisation of the available volume in the chamber

TRES contourplot XY midplane outlet

Residence time contour at the mid-plane of the new outlet duct.


Modelled with the same flowrate as the previous design, the increased residence time can be clearly seen with substantially greater than 2 seconds transit at the outlet.


As with all the residence models, the design includes a temperature term so that only time above the 850°C threshold is included in the total.