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The plot on the left shows the contour of accumulated residence time of gases in the cyclone furnace.


The model is set up to add time only to gas flowing through regions of the volume that are higher than a minimum temperature of 850°C as called for by the directive.


A simple velocity-based residence time will not give the required results as it would ignore the need for a minimum temperature. Compare the "probe" value at the outlet at left, with the "streamline" determination below.


The object of residence time modelling is to find the minimum, so the values across the outlet plane must be interrogated for every grid cell.

CFD Example 2 Cyclonic Combustion Furnace for Charcoal Chips

TRES XZ Mid[1]
Streamline Track Test 2

The "flight time" of the streamlines is over 0.6s, whereas the method containing the temperature term returns about half that value.

TRES Outlet Plane[1]

At the left, the distrubution of residence time over the outlet plane of the furnace exhaust is shown.


These values are recorded and transferred to the next part of the model.