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The picture on the left shows the velocity contour with vectors at the mid burner position at the base of the unit.


High velocities are developed by the incoming hot burner gases giving fierce mixing and helping to promote rapid combustion of smoke and volatile material.


The picture below shows the vertical velocity vectors.


A fairly smooth and even vertical flow is developed after the choke ring, and good utilisation of the upper residence volume is suggested, with little dead space or recirculation.


The inclusion of the central ejector compensates for the tendency of this type of design to exhibit a core with low vertical (z) velocity.

Velocity XY contour at burner mid plane
Velocity YZ vectorplot at chamber mid plane



This small furnace was modelled using a very simple single gas adiabatic simulation. Despite this, a lot of valuable information about the prospective performance of the design was obtained.


The modelling exercise informed the burner output, the position and flow conditions of the ejector nozzle and the diameter of the choke ring.


Choke ring diameter is critical to obtaining the minimum stagnation in the residence section, and is determined by the modelled pressure contour without the ring in place.